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Simply better. Easypot!

Under the brand "Easypot", we sell ready-for-use fleece pots as a propagation system for ornamental plants, shrubs and perennials. From our location in Künzelsau, the company Helmut Schneider GmbH, we deliver almost 500 mio. Easypots per year to garden centres and nurseries across the whole of Europe.

Easypot is characterised by its fast root penetration and problem-free further processing, also in case of mechanical potting. Due to the high-quality substrate mixture developed especially for the purpose, the cultivation time is shortened, which makes Easypot, together with the savings on working time, one of the most effective and rational propagation systems in horticulture.

The fleece pots are offered in different sizes from 2 to 7 cm in 19 different trays. Within Germany, used trays are washed in an environmentally-friendly manner and then re-used within the scope of a return system.