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Our expanded clay is especially suitable for hydroponics as well as for drainage.

Hawita-Fruhstorfer expanded clay is ready to use and can be used directly for potting and re-potting. Pre-wet briefly and fill the layer in the plant pot. Then insert the plant and fill with Hawita-Fruhstorfer expanded clay. Insert the water level indicator and pour up to the "Maximum".

Hawita-Fruhstorfer expanded clay is also suitable as a drainage layer for balcony and container plants. Almost no plant likes waterlogging in the pot. Therefore, on the ground of flowerpots there is always a hole. To assist in draining excess water and thus soil and roots from clogging the hole by the time, fill then as the bottom layer, a drainage layer in the pot. Expanded clay is ideal for the drainage layer, because it is very light and stores water.